It is safe and has tons of real people online to talk to. Ive dated girls who were NOT into cosplay and that did play a factor in those relationships. Guess it depends on what you’re looking for.

Obviously, if you ordered the wrong, measured wrong, or picked the wrong color, then that’s on you to pay to ship it back. Be sure to check out the policy before you order. That’s like those guys that tell their gf they can’t go have guy friends, and that kinda thing.. Email confirmation is necessary for registering with Cosplay Dating Site. Dating sites are generally divided into public and private.

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Do you want to have a weapon that Black Widow used? Because you’re shipping back to China to return or exchange your item, it can cost a pretty penny to send something back. Some retailers – though not all – will eat that cost if the fault was theirs.

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But their comment is it costs too much to return you have to buy another. Multiple Attempts to work it out and they were rude and we have to eat it. In this day and age I can’t see how they will survive. is among the popular teen dating apps, and it is easy to use. It can be accessed via its desktop website or through mobile applications on any Android and IOS device.

Do your best to look attractive and approachable. You’ll be surprised at how many people will start conversations about whatever franchise you’re promoting with your look. Don’t be shy to tell people about your interests. You never know who’s crazy about the same things and will happily chime in.

Swindlers and crooks, do NOT do business with these people, they are trash. I paid for a full costume, got one piece and they refused to do right by either giving me the rest of it or just a refund. Zero stars, will never use this site again, or anything that ships from China.

Ask to get answers from the Cosplay Shopper staff and other customers. Nothing because I never received it, nor a refund.

Find the latest ones and enjoy the privilege of a costume that is specially tailor-made upon your order. You can buy high quality costumes and accessories that are from 40 to 80% cheaper than most cosplay costume stores. Absolutely shocking company, I placed an order 28th November for a Light Saber for my sons Christmas present, unfortunately it never arrived.

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Only once have I seen a woman my age who actually said in her profile that she liked to play video games and watch anime. I wasn’t a member because I couldn’t afford it at the time, but boy do I regret not scrounging up the money for at least a month’s worth of membership and sending her a message… It just seems weird to me -I’ve actually taught all the people I’ve dated how to sew – worked with them on their first costumes. It was the same as with my friends – they saw I was enjoying something and they wanted to enjoy it with me.

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Several pieces of the outfit are missing, the rest is just a massive disappointment. Read the summaries of what reviewers think about EZcosplay below. The shipping costs are on the expensive side, but on the other hand the order is delivered quickly. You only send video clips on how to fix and the customer has to do it themselves.

Become a VIP member to access galleries, unlimited private messages and see who has viewed your profile. In today’s world, finding a compatible partner has become quite a challenge. With busy work schedules and social lives, it can be hard to meet someone who shares the same interests and values as you.

This is the place where cosplayers come to find their Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask love story. If someone is into cosplay, then there’s a good chance that they’re probably into anime and video games as well. All photos and images that users upload to profiles are subject to a manual approval process . This service is designed to filter out unauthorized photos .

This allows multiple people to get together and find common interests (like religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, etc.). Sometimes people are more willing to share information in groups, so this is a great way to open up and meet. Occasionally, someone you don’t wish to hear from may write to you. Or, you may receive many messages, many of them unwanted. That’s why Cosplay Dating Site offers a “block user” feature.